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"History In The Making" at Washington Crossing Historic Park

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

MICEport Marketing created a fundraising program with the DCNR and the Friends of Washington Crossing Historic Park called "History in the Making"

There is a lot of construction underway at the Washington Crossing Historic Park, as part of the $8.7 million Capital project with thanks to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Eleven historic buildings and numerous modern-day structures are being rehabilitated from May 2021 through 2022 at the Washington Crossing Historic Park (PA).

During the construction, there are many construction fences around the properties and we have created an initiative to raise funds for the Friends of Washington Crossing Park to benefit the following goals:

  1. Increased education throughout the park,

  2. Increase the number of exhibits at the park

  3. Improve the internal structures of the buildings which are not covered under the Capital Project.

The fencing surrounding the buildings enables us to create visually appealing murals during construction in the Winter months, the Christmas Crossing and the spring. We are creating images of the park and activities on mesh banners (4 x 8) that will go on the fencing from December 2021 - May 2022. Businesses and families can purchase a banner or multiple banners and put their logo or family name on the banner to show support for the community, the park, promote their business or create a unique holiday gift.

For your business, why not purchase several banners - add your company logo - give your employees the Washington Crossing Park Membership (when you purchase two or more banners) as a thank you for their work throughout 2021 - keep it local!

If you are interested in purchasing a banner contact the team at the Washington Crossing Park or email You can also down load the brochure below and fill out the order form. Special thanks to all the staff at the Friends of Washington Crossing Park, DCNR and the Upper Makefield Township.

Click below to find out more:

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