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Political Yard Signs & Messaging Matter

Political Yard Signs  MICEport Sale

It is political season and the primaries are just around the corner. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your lawn signs:

  1. Fewer Words The Better - Candidate Name and Office is more than enough, people only get a few seconds to read the sign

  2. Color Matters - Depending on party or the message that you want to convey - color on your sign does matter

  3. Font Matters - Keep it simple and BOLD. Don't use fancy fonts, people won't be able to read them when driving past

  4. Size Matters - Whether the sign is on the side of a field or in a neighborhood, you have to make it readable, without it being obnoxious in size or so minimal that it looks out of place. 24x16 is usually a good size in neighborhoods and towns

  5. Material Matters - There are 3 real types of signs for political signage - corrugated plastic, paperboard or poly plastic bag. It really is a personal choice and the message you are trying to convey but we prefer the corrugated plastic because it is versatile and recyclable as well as offering a professional look.

If you are looking for political signage for your campaign, contact Andy at MICEport Marketing at or order online at

We currently have coroplast signs as low as $4.99 a sign for a double sided sign with metal stand (shipping not included).

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