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MICEport Web Design & Marketing

MICEport Marketing manages a Professional Web Production Team of Project Managers; Developers; Content Producers; and Creative Designers. 


We manage the website development from start to finish. Whether you have a website or you need to create a website, we can create a website that is responsive and attractive for your small business, large business, event or non-profit. Our professionals analyze your goals and objectives to develop a Website Strategy and Development Plan.  We will work with your available resources to create a web site that improves your brand, and addresses the needs of your target market.

  • Website Strategy and Development Plan - designed to ensure a high return on investment

  • Professional User Training  - We create systems that can be managed on your own! You will receive step-by-step training by MICEport Marketing

  • Follow-up Review - Once the web site has been launched, we will discuss what worked, what did not work and how to improve moving forward!

View some of the packages we have available for your businesses 

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Whether you’re finally ready to launch your business online, or you’re looking for a fresh, updated look, we can help you get the website you’ve always dreamed of. At every step, you are involved and engaged, and together we will take your business to new heights. Enhance your company image and your brand offerings. Expand, grow, and evolve your enterprise. By integrating internet marketing, commerce, and your business values, we create sustainable business growth and success!


  • Purchase Domain & Privacy

  • Hosting

  • Website Strategy and Development Plan

  • Identify your needs, corporate/social branding, goals, objectives and vision

  • Develop Website Strategy and Development Plan based on identified needs

  • Develop the Website Production Schedule according to time constraints

  • Develop Sitemap Strategy — (links, forms, contacts)

  • Integrate Creative Concepts — logos, colors, branding, videos & pictures/illustrations

  • Complete Website Build – templates, modules, scripting, and HTML 5 coding

  • Content Integration  — Database, Copy Write, Logos, Payments, and Shopping Cart

  • Define Milestones which leads to measurable results

  • Review & Improve

  • Creative Website Design

The MICEport Marketing team can work with clients to design the entire website and then manage the website and SEO or we can create a monthly program that works for your company.

Choose Your Plan

MICEport Marketing has several plans to fit your business, from a Starter Plan to a Full Service Plan. 


Contact us for more information regarding which plan is best for you.  

All our plans include web platform design, optimized SEO, integrations, mobile platform design.  You can add an ecommerce platform and email marketing packages as well as social media management.


Looking for more information on our plans contact us  or call (215) 253-8924

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